• The reducer G-770
  • Leading and front bridges in assemblage
  • Semi trailers, bridges ROR, BPW in assemblage and axles separately
  • Framework and cold storage truck gate
  • The block head МВ-1840
  • The spray jet pump МВ-1840
  • The block of cylinders МВ-1840

  • Transmission:
    Transmission-1700 Volvo FH-12, transmission G-900 Scania G-770, transmission MB Actros G-210, 211

    G-770 Scania-142,143 Volvo FH-12,FL-10 Mersedec-1838

    Front and rear springs in assemblage, bridges of driving and front axles to all the cars.

    MAN 19322
    Volvo F-10, F-12,
    FH-12, F-16

    Our address:
        Moscow region, Ramenskoye district, village Patkina Str. Lanka


    You'll find necessary for you spare parts to cars Volvo, Scania-124, Man, MB Actros, Daf 95 ATI and BPW in our price list

    The cabin in assemblage The front bridge in assemblage
    The back bridge in assemblage The reducer №771
    Transmission GR-900 The heat sink, the intercooler
    Rear semi springs 120 mil The propeller shaft
    Front and rear naves The cradle with documents
    Engines in assemblage The block head
    The compressor The sitting mechanism
    Steering tractions Mirrors
    Brake carrier sockets Brake mechanisms

    All the above described spare parts are available for auto trucks:

    Scania-142, Scania-124, Scania-114, Scania-113, MB Actros-1840, MB-1835, Volvo F-10, Volvo F-12, Volvo F-16, Volvo FH-12, Man-19322

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